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Blue Access for Members

Well onTarget (for Pre-Medicare Members)

  • Health Assessment
  • Self-Directed Courses — 12-week lessons on five topic areas. Content included is delivered via video, reading material, integrated trackers and milestone assessments.
  • Fitness Program
  • Wellness Coaching via online chat or telephonically with a coach to develop a personalized plan.

Wise and Well Communication Plan: blueresourcenm.com 

2020 Topic List

January – New Year’s Resolutions: Goal-setting, nutrition and exercise, etc.
February – Unplugging / Digital Detox: Stepping away from your phone, computer, etc.
March – Brain Health: Keeping your mind sharp, brain exercises, etc.
April – Food Allergies: Information, common ones, how to deal with them, etc.
May – Mindfulness: Meditation, mindful thinking, eating, etc.
June – Foodborne Illnesses: Particularly as it relates to food safety in the summertime – grilling, etc.
July – Summer Health: Sun protection, dehydration, etc.
August – Healthy Snacking: How to snack healthy at work, school, etc.
September – Healthy Work Life: Will cover burnout, work-life balance, etc.
October – Self-Care: Tips, strategies, etc.
November – Winter Health: Extreme temperatures, dry skin, illnesses, etc.
December – Healthy Holidays: Combating holiday stress, eating well, etc.

Well onTarget Quarterly Newsletter — October-December 2020